surgery date soon

on 1/7/15 2:01 pm

Hi NC'ers    My surgery date is Jan 19th....excited & just a little nervous about the post op part...any suggestions or just to hear about your experience would be greatly appreciated 

    RNY 1/19/15   SW 238  CW 169 GW ??





on 1/10/15 9:51 pm

Good luck, be strong and have support around you for the first week or two. Your taste and smell my change. What you like now you may not like after. I have yet  to have a cup of coffee, just no desire.

Get some yogurt, cottage cheese, broth, protein drinks, you may try several drinks befor you find one you like. Unflavored protein powder to add to drinks and food. 

I am four months out and feel 90% of my old self minis 65 pounds. You can do it, good luck with your journey.

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