Celebrating 9 years!

Jennifer K.
on 6/8/15 12:51 pm - Phoenix , AZ

On 6/20 I will be 9 years out from RNY. I am happy to report I have maintained my weight loss and all my labs look great except for low vitamin D which is getting rechecked next week. I attribute my success to going into this surgery thinking is was my last resort (9 years ago there are not the options there are today), and that I HAD to make it work. I spent a lot of time and effort working on my personal issues as well as learning everything I could about nutrition and over the past few years growing my own organic food, buying local and making things from scratch instead of buying a things pre-boxed/bagged/pre-made etc. I do eat out and try to do so only once a week, I do allow myself treats and I do love my carbs. For me, it was all about balance.

Next month I am 1 year out from my BA/BL and arm lift... I did have to get scar revision some on the arm liftwhich I am 2 months out from now and healing up nicely. I am hoping to get a thigh lift next year and my journey will be "complete".

I don't feel or look anything like the person I was 9 years ago. I will never forget where I came from because I do not want to go back but do feel very disconnected from the person I was. I am so happy to have accomplished so much these past 9 years and look forward to what the future brings!

First visit to surgeon - 288 ~ bmi 45.1
2 week pre-op 252 ~ bmi 39.5
Total lost - 153 Since surgery - 117!
Goal weight - 155 (mine) 180 (surgeons)
Current weight - 135 (2020 I lost 10lbs due to dedicating myself to working out more and being in better shape)

Extended TT, lipo, fat injections - 11/2011

BA/BL/Arm Lift - 7/2014

Scar revision on arms - 3/2015

HALO laser on arms/neck 9/2016

Thigh lift 10/2020

on 2/16/16 8:46 am

congratulations on your maintenance! I am over 10 years out and only this past year had some regain and I am getting back on track. New to the area and need to regain my commitment.

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