5 year surgerversary and Abdominalplasty in 15 days

nicole W.
on 6/5/12 2:29 am - Bismarck, ND
 Hello. I see it is still kind of slow in here . I just looked at the calendar, and realized that today was my 5 year surgerversity! Amazing how time flies. 

I was just wondering, has anyone here had any plastic surgery since your WLS? I am going to be having an abdominalplasty on June 20th in Bismarck, and was interested in hearing about your journey or any words of wisdom. 
 2007_0529WEIGHTLOSS0114 by you. 2007_0529WEIGHTLOSS0117 by you. Sparkles by you. 
on 6/6/12 5:05 am - Moorhead, MN
I literally came to this board to either see if or post about having a tummy tuck or something like it.
Wondered who in the Fargo/Moorhead area had had one and what the costs were, etc.
I am in interested...would be nice not to have the excess flab on my tummy. After two babies close together and then WLS there some excess tummy.
      Began my journey in 2008 at 246#....lost 111#...have regaind about 35#'s of which I am currently trying to rectify!
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