Stress Test

on 8/6/12 5:47 am
Hello! I have recently lost a close family friend due to a heart attack during an operation (not wls), and wanted to know if Sanford requires a stress test prior to surgery? I am awaiting an appointment with the surgeon, but not my anxiety level has reached an all time high!

Thanks in advance for your feedback!!

on 8/13/12 6:02 pm - Fargo, ND
Sorry for the slow reply, have been really busy lately. They don't always require a stress test unless they see an issue. You can always ask about getting one and explain, they will take it from there and see if they think it needy.

I had Dr Garcia and have had positive relations with him and he has always taken care of extra needs. All the doctors on the team are good, my experience is only with him.

Keep us posted!
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