Another coffee gathering

on 10/9/12 4:31 am - West Fargo, ND
Time for coffee once again. Time to reunite and share!!  Monday, October 15 at 630 at Lunas. Hope to see all there.

Original weight 285. Lowest weight 210. Revision weight 249. Size 24W
Current weight 210 as of February 23, 2012!!!
Current size 16-18 as of February 25, 2012!!!
on 10/15/12 5:27 am - Moorhead, MN
OH how I'd love to come...but my husband works! and the girls would go cuckoo there while I tried to have a conversation. LoL

I could especially use the suppor today since I am on Day 1 of the 5-Day Pouch Test (for the 3rd? time) to get back on track (for the billionth? time). It's been a day of fuzzy brain and light-headedness. But after weighing myself this a.m. and realizing I am no longer "hovering" at 160-165 but am I at 170 I almost puked (if I could physically puke anymore)!!!!!!!
      Began my journey in 2008 at 246#....lost 111#...have regaind about 35#'s of which I am currently trying to rectify!
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