Time to Share!!!!

on 12/13/12 8:20 am - West Fargo, ND

Time to come and share. Bring your favorite healthy holiday treat recipes (you can bring the treats also if you wish! :))  See you all at Lunas at 630 on Monday, Dec. 17.


Original weight 285. Lowest weight 210. Revision weight 249. Size 24W
Current weight 210 as of February 23, 2012!!!
Current size 16-18 as of February 25, 2012!!!
on 12/14/12 9:34 pm - Fargo, ND

Glad your on top of things! To much stuff going on in my head lately to think straight.

See you there!

Guess I should send out the text messages too huh LOL


Maintaining! Start weight 257,Current weight 122,Loss of 135# and 114 inches,Size 22-24W now size 4 to 0 (zero),Healthy life=Priceless

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