recommended doctors nearish the west side of state?

Carl D.
on 1/9/13 9:33 am - Williston, ND
RNY on 10/01/13

I was going to start down my road a year or so ago with Dr Bruderer in Bismarck, however I had issues pop up with my back that made me have to put it off again and again. As I start down it again I noticed he isn't listed on the medcenterone/stanford health site anymore? As such can anyone suggest a Doctor for me to meet with?

on 1/9/13 8:52 pm - Fargo, ND

I only know of the doctors in Fargo. All of them are good, I have Garcia.


Maintaining! Start weight 257,Current weight 122,Loss of 135# and 114 inches,Size 22-24W now size 4 to 0 (zero),Healthy life=Priceless
on 7/12/18 6:17 pm

I live in Dickinson and am considering Garcia. He seem slike he has more experience than Dewing in Bismarck. I also have found some positive reviews on him but nothing on Dewing. Can you tell me about Garcia?

Carl D.
on 1/14/13 1:28 am - Williston, ND
RNY on 10/01/13

haha yeah. I was using the reviews and such here but alot of them are years old, then I need to accept that the Doctors may have moved on so I was hoping we had members here with a batter idea. And I am afraid that, that side of the state is a tad too far.


Was able to put a call in on friday to where Bruderer was, and with the snow hitting then they called me back today. Have some papers heading to me now.


Tyvm for the post.

on 1/25/13 1:21 am

Im going to St Alexis in Bismark my doctor is  Brandon Helbling. I liked him , he has a  great bed side manner and gave me  opportunity to ask questions ,  he said he had  done many Rny s  that is what I am having done. I have a surgery date Feb 14th , I start the  liquid diet  on Jan 31.   Good luck on your  journey.

Carl D.
on 1/25/13 2:49 am - Williston, ND
RNY on 10/01/13

Tyvm, and good luck with your surgery. I hope it goes easy as pie for you.

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