Hello! Quick question for those of you in the Fargo area!

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on 1/15/13 3:03 am - CA

I had my VSG in Mexico...but I am currently a doctoral student at NDSU and I am looking into doing my dissertation centered around bariatric patients 3+ years out...I was told there was a well-known bariatric center around here who I may be able to work with...does anyone know the name of it?

Thank you for any help!! :)

on 1/19/13 7:32 am - Fargo, ND

Sanford has the local bariatric program in Fargo. They are located on 1717 University Drive, their number is 701-234-2000.

Hope this is helpful. They have 3 Doctors on board. I believe the head of the department is Dr. Luis Garcia.


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on 9/3/13 5:45 am
I am guessing it is St. Joseph's in Park Rapids, MN We have had lots of interns working here as well. The contact would be Arlys Hess [email protected] (218)616 3377
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