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on 7/12/18 6:17 pm
Topic: RE: recommended doctors nearish the west side of state?

I live in Dickinson and am considering Garcia. He seem slike he has more experience than Dewing in Bismarck. I also have found some positive reviews on him but nothing on Dewing. Can you tell me about Garcia?

on 8/9/16 9:07 pm - Fargo, ND
RNY on 06/13/13
Topic: Bueller, Bueller, Anyone?

Come guys I know you all are out there 175 views. I know this because when I'm sitting in the waiting room for my monthly with Brenda that place is hopping, so I'm not the only person that's had surgery with Doc Smith in Park Rapids that lives in Fargo. I thought I was shy but this ridiculous. I may have to join one of the other States Forums at this rate. Okay, enough whining so for anyone that's new and progressed to the solid food stage couple tips on where to purchase stuff locally.  The Nutrition Zone on 45th sells Quest bars for $25  a box that same box of bars at GNC will cost you $35.  They have an excellent selection of Protein powders as well; they don't, however, carry Syntrax Nectar which is the one I like. Swanson heath products sell Syntrax Protein powder if you are in Fargo you can order online and pick up at their corp office, or they will ship it to you. It's nice to have the option to pickup yourself if you are running low. I don't make shakes anymore except maybe as a treat. I do use the vanilla and peanut butter powders in baking and sometimes in my coffee, not the PB one for that, though, I'm not that adventurous. A good site for recipes and reviews is: 

There is also a recipe forum here on OH that contains a wealth of good eats that people have taken the time to come up with and share.   I strongly recommend you try different things out. If you eat the same thing all the time, it can get boring, and your body can get used to it after a while. Also, boredom, is bad it lead to bad choices, which leads to poor results, which leads to the dark side lol.  So be open to experimentation find things you like and rotate through those when you find yourself getting bored it's time to try some new stuff.  



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on 7/30/16 9:50 am - Fargo, ND
RNY on 06/13/13
Topic: RE: Hello ND fargosrm here.

I'm a Mine-o-saur the ND forum is mine-mine-mine now what to do with it.



Time for some mindless posting of gifs

And finally a puppy stampede cause why not.


I feel like Wil Smith in " I am Legend" I'm the only guy in ND that's had weight loss surgery. That's all for today North Dakota weight loss surgery patients see you next time.

  "A wilderness explorer is a friend to all, be a plant or fish or tiny mole!"


on 7/19/16 9:51 am - Fargo, ND
RNY on 06/13/13
Topic: Hello ND fargosrm here.

Any fellow North Dakotan's lurking about the site? I figured I would put something out here as I know there are lots of folks in Fargo that had their surgeries done in Park Rapids by Dr. Smith. Since we all seem to be as shy as turtles though when it comes to posting here.  I figured I try and start a dialog go ahead AMA. I probably don't know the answer , but I bet we can find what you are looking for either by way of search or getting you in touch with the right vet.

Best Regards


  "A wilderness explorer is a friend to all, be a plant or fish or tiny mole!"


on 7/20/15 12:52 pm - university place, WA
Topic: RE: How long is the stomach sore after gastric sleeve surgery

Thankful for your reply helps a LOT.   I actually Seattle Washington

on 7/20/15 12:50 pm - university place, WA
Topic: RE: How long is the stomach sore after gastric sleeve surgery

Hi I had gastric sleeve may.29th so.I'm 9 weeks in.  I'm having dizzy spells I cry and just get terribly emotional.  My stoma*****essions are sore and I've been getting pinching pains.  Is this normal.  I'm really concerned.

Carl D.
on 4/18/15 10:16 am - Williston, ND
RNY on 10/01/13
Topic: RE: North Dakota Forums look really dead!

I stop by to look randomly. Shame about all the tumbleweeds in this area. Good luck to you on your journey!

on 4/2/15 8:38 am
VSG on 09/02/15
Topic: North Dakota Forums look really dead!

Hi all!

 Been poking around these forums for a few years now. I recently got Medicaid and I'm hoping to get weight loss surgery here in Fargo. Was hoping to see some action in the North dakota forums but looks dead! Anyone around still? =) 

on 3/14/15 3:45 am - Bismarck, ND
Topic: Family Physician Recommendations in Bismarck/Mandan?

I am fairly new to this site, though I've been lurking for awhile. I am in the process of trying to get insurance to cover WLS, and during this process I have come to the conclusion that my GP is NOT "obesity friendly" so to speak. She basically told me outright to just "eat more vegetables and eat less and you should be fine" "all you have to do is eat less and you wouldn't be overweight." Well now she has agreed to help me qualify for WLS but she doesn't want to help with any of the paperwork so I've been trying to do it myself even though I'm not even supposed to be doing it. Anyway, long story, I need a new GP and so I'm wondering if there are any Bismarck/Mandan folks on here who can you recommend one they know has helped someone through the actual process of qualifying for surgery. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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