Looking for support group in the Kearney area

on 7/1/12 8:14 am
 Hello everyone, I was sleeved on Wednesday, June 27.  I am looking for a support group in the Kearney area. Does anyone know of one?  Thanks!
on 7/12/12 4:35 pm - Kearney, NE
I know a lady that had the sleeve done in February. She has already lost 100 lbs, she was telling me about it today. I am very interested in it. Can I ask what kind of insurance you have? How long it took to get approval? I am also in Kearney. I would be very interested in chatting with you! The lady I know lives about an hour from Kearney, not sure if she is on this site, but I can refer her to it, she might know if they have support groups or not!
on 7/12/12 10:25 pm, edited 7/12/12 10:25 pm
Hi JBreeden! I have Blue Cross Blue Shield. However, they DID NOT COVER the surgery. My doctor referred me to Mexico. However, my husband was not happy with that idea (though lots of people on these forums have had excellent success by going there). I started calling places in Nebraska - Omaha, Lincoln, Kearney, North Platte. The prices varied greatly. When I had just about given up hope I received a call back from Barb Peterson in North Platte. They have an amazing deal for those that are 'self-pay' - and extremely close to the cost in Mexico, with such little travel! I would highly recommend calling her and finding out more people. I am not that far out so I can't swear by the whole thing, but I had a very good experience in North Platte - felt very similar to Kearney with that 'small town' feel. There is only one surgeon in Kearney that I know of that does the sleeve and when I spoke with his nurse she said that he has been trained in the sleeve procedure but has never done one and his cost was literally TWICE the cost of North Platte. Let me know if you have any other questions or hear about a Kearney group!
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