on 8/20/12 9:11 am
i have been having a hard time getting info, so i am going to share what i find out as i go along.  medicare does cover surgery if your bmi is above 40 or 35 with comorbities.  there is no preapproval with medicare, so the process moves fairly quickly.  i am seeing cronk at methodist bariatric.  i decided last week to look into the surgery.  because i live 3.5 hours away from omaha, i did not have to attend the meeting, they sent me the packet and i watched the video at home.  got the info on friday after business hours. called this am (monday) and i already have an appt. scheduled for this thursday!  i know i will need to have some medical tests, although i don't know what they are for sure, so i scheduled an appt with my primary doc in advance.  see him next tues. am.  trying to speed up the process as much as i can.  i will be back on with  more info once i have it.  i will answer any questions i can.                                         trish

on 8/25/12 9:44 am
k...had my appt. with dr. cronk.  found out that i will be one of the first in the state of nebraska to have the sleeve covered by medicare.  hope they have things ironed out before it is my turn.
  tests required prior to setting up a surgery date: chest x ray, upper gi, ekg, cmp, lipid profile, tsh, psych eval and meeting with nutritionist.  i should be able to get all of these done within 2 weeks, then we wait for a surgery date!

on 9/18/12 5:17 pm
sleeve is not going to be ok'd by medicare for several months...maybe around the first of the year.  decided to got with gastric bypass instead.  surgery date is oct. 19th!

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