Going to Harolds in Edison NJ for Mother's Day- What should I eat?

on 5/13/06 1:02 am - Milford, NJ
Hopefully you're NOT familiar with the gignormous portions at Harolds, but sadly it's my mom's favorite. They truly boggle the mind. I am only 5 weeks out, still on softs. I was thinking I could get the MONDO MEGA bowl of matzo ball soup and sip that throughout the meal. Maybe nibble on the softball size matza ball. Any other ideas? I like chopped liver but I'm not ready to eat breads yet.
on 5/14/06 10:41 am - somerville, NJ
I totally know about Harolds, soup seems like the best choice, last year I was a wk out on Mother's Day...and we went to Lonestar...go figure.
on 5/15/06 12:00 am - Morrisville, PA
Beth, I am very familiar with Harold's, it is my husbands favorite place as well. We were just there for his birthday in March. I had surgery June '05 and went with family in July or August last year, while they were here visiting. I ordered whitefish salad. Of course I couldn't eat the bagels, but the whitefish was great! Whitefish is high in protien, but be careful how often you eat it becasue it is a little high in fat. In the beginning for me once I could have soft food, whitefish was a nice change from tuna salad and chicken salad (mixed in the blender). Good Luck! Christine 6/22/05 364/226/???
on 5/15/06 3:48 am - Milford, NJ
Well, I made it. Just had my matzo ball soup and a tiny bite of pickle. Luckily my mom had a bad cold so they all skipped dessert. Byt that point I was ready to try the SF cheesecake which I am SURE is a bad idea ;)
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