Anyone have any info on these Jersey Docs?

on 9/4/09 10:11 am - NJ
I'm on a mission to find a doc again, and the one I want I cant afford ALS (abkin) and that's a bummer, Although the flip side to this is that I have a list of docs that they found in network I can't find them on Doc find but they can  (rep told me they have a special computer) go figure that. Looks like they are hiding it to me LOL. Anyways this is aetna I'm talking about. The following surgeons are Dr. Ajay Goyal, Dr. Jordan Garrison, Dr. Washington (freehold NJ), Dr. John Kollar, Dr. Costello, Dr.Beale and Dr. Vasquez those are the ones that are in 50 miles I guess. I don't have a clue about any of them. If there is someone out there who knows these docs because they used them please let me know by sharing the info. If it's bad please pm me so you don't get yourself in any trouble. Also does anyone know of a website that you can check out if your doc has had complications or bad reps. I heard about one doctor and all i can say is omg!

on 9/4/09 11:45 am
hi there,
I am 3 1/2 months into the 6 month wait..  I met Abkin..he is great, but apparently does not do VSG which is the procedure that I want.  I then met Dr. Garrison...he is awesome!  He took extra time to explain his opinions etc...he actually trained and worked with ALS...I would prefer to have surgery at Morristown Memorial, but have heard great things about St. Claires as well. I have BCBS of nJ ppo.

Would be hppy to give you more specifics..just PM me

on 9/6/09 6:14 am - NJ
Dr. Garrison assisted Dr. Bertha when I had my RNY.  I liked him.  I originally wanted to have surgery at Morristown but after having surgeries at both hospitals I like St. Clares better.  I was not too impressed with the nursing staff at Morristown.

on 9/6/09 6:43 am
I guess MM is just a comfort zone for me in terms of distance and its where we go to ER, family surgery etc.  I was referred to Dr. Garrison from Bertha's office when I asked if ALS did VSG...Dr. Garrison seemed surprised that Dr. Berthas staff said he wouldnt do a VSG...

Still have 2 months to get to the bottom of it and choose both dr and hospital!...Funny how those 6 months fly right by!
on 9/7/09 3:23 am - NJ
It was for me too until I was admitted to St. Clare's. My roommate in Morristown was put on a commode in the middle of the night and left there for at least an hour.  She and I both repeatedly called for the nurse. I have been in emergency in MM and St Clare's (both Denville and Dover) and I got seen much quicker at St. Clare's.  I was pleasantly surprised at the nursing care I received at St. Clare's.

on 9/4/09 1:23 pm - NJ

I had Dr. Garrison and he is terrific.  As the other post mentions, he takes his time and explains everything - is patient when you are asking questions to make sure you get all the answers you need - and is a very caring individual.  He has his own support group also, but to be honest the main support group at St Clare's gives you a more opportunity to hear from other people who have gone through the surgery as his group is very small.

Everyone is different, but personally I had no problems after my surgery and was very happy with all that Dr. Garrison and the nurses at St Clare's did to make that happen.

If you are in the area, you should consider stopping by the St. Clare support group on the 4th Wednesday of the month and talk to a few people - there are people who had many different surgeons and it might help you out!

Good Luck!
on 9/8/09 9:32 am - Brick, NJ
I used Dr. Washington for my surgery and have been very happy with them. 

mary S.
on 9/8/09 10:25 am - hightstown, NJ
i used Dr. Vasquez...He is actually an excellant surgeon but the office staff leaves something to be desired. Work with Angelica(shes the office manager) I had my bypass on Dec. 10,2008- 9 months out down 125 pounds. The hospital is Chilton Memeorial in pompton plains. Excellant hospital and the nureses were often. No complications and he was a great dr.

good luck
on 9/12/09 1:02 am - Bay Shore Of, NJ
I used Washington's group in Freehold, Centra State Hospital.  Highly recommend the hospital, a few issues with the Dr's office.  I'll shoot you a PM with the details.
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Barbi M.
on 9/14/09 8:49 am - Maplewood, NJ
I have Dr Garrison.  My surgery date is November 4, so I don't know anything about St Clairs yet, but the hospital appears to be modern and I love Dr Garrison's personality.  I had som rough spots getting through insurance, because they originally had an insufficent staff.  He has a new staff now and things are getting done faster. 
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