Arm lift with Dr. Capella

on 8/15/13 1:37 pm - Cleveland, OH

If you received an arm lift from Dr. Capella can you please comment on your experience.  Specifically:


1.  Where did he place the incision?  Inside the arm or along the backside

2.  Did you combine the arm lift with any type of BL/BA?

3.  Did he remove excess skin in front of and behind the armpit?



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on 9/13/13 7:06 am

He is awesome! I just had my boobs and arms/flanks done by him 15 days ago! My incision is inside the arm you cannot see it if my arms are down. Yes did a ton of lipo on me and removed a lot of extra skin from my arms, inside/outside my armpit, and back. Love it


I made some videos of my breast augmentation, and extended arm lift (arm lift and flankplasty) that was done by Dr. Joseph Capella in Ramsey NJ

Includes- before and afters, feelings, experiences, the whole procedure and what it entails, tips, interviews with the doctor, etc.


Two weeks post op-

** My experience, feelings, incisions / scars, tips, Before/After


One week post op-

** The doctors check up / interview with the surgeon, Dr. Capella and removing stitches from nipples after breast augmentation, Before/After


Three days post op-

** Talking about my experiences (way harder then I thought) to help you get an idea of what you should expect, showing the scars / incisions / bandages from the procedures. Before/After


Day of surgery-

** Day of my breast augmentation, extended arm lift & flankplasty. Before surgery, Dr. Capella marking me, waking up, the experience, etc


** I also have other videos documenting my Lower body lift, which was done by Dr. Amy Colwell, Boston MA on the same channel!

on 3/19/14 6:01 pm

I am late in answering your question but hopefully this will be helpful. My incision is inside the arm where the seam of a shirt would run. Dr. Capella does not like placing incisions were they cannot be hidden by clothes. I had the extended arm lift with breast lift, medial thigh lift, and lower body lift (conversion of tummy tuck to LBL). 

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