NJ Family Care , United Healthcare or Horizon NJ Health, bariatric surgery?

on 3/6/15 1:04 pm

Hello to all!   Does anyone have NJ Family Care - United Healthcare Insurance or Horizon NJ Health Insurance and had bariatric surgery?  I just received the coverage, and I didn't see anything about bariatric surgery on there.


If you have had coverage with these companies, what type of bariatric surgery did you get approved for?  I'm actually looking for a revision on my vertical sleeve (which was self pay 4 years ago).  What surgeon did you have?


Thanks for your input, it's certainly appreciated.




on 3/11/15 2:14 pm

Hi Dee, 


I called Horizon NJ health (because it's my ins) and they gave me a list of 5 surgeons. I went to see Dr. Mark Salcone in CherryHill/Haddonfield and he seemed very nice. They definitely take the Horizon NJ plan. I went to the seminar last tue and have an appointment next thursday to see what I need to do next. The office is about an hour drive from where I live but it was actually the closest one of all the 5 they gave me. Someone below listed the others which I think were Goldstein, Attia, and someone else. 

on 3/12/15 5:11 am

Thank you.  I'll research these surgeons.

on 3/20/15 8:44 am - NJ
VSG on 03/26/15

Do you happen to have the names of the other 4 surgeons that take Horizon NJ Health?  My daughter is considering surgery and has this insurance.  Thanks for your help and good luck to you all.




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