wellcare nj family care medicaid... any drs???

on 4/14/15 5:23 am - BAYONNE, NJ

I am looking to see if anyone had wellcare nj famiky care with medicaid i am looking for a dr im in bayonne jersey city hoboken area.... i havent called my insuranc yet in process of changing name just got married.... please anyone let me k ow im looking to get gastric sleeve... when i was 18 i was a month from bypass surgery but i chickened out... i couldnt do it... my aunts and cuzins 9 in total had it done and have compliacations.... this seems better for me... anyone please??

on 4/15/15 1:11 am - BAYONNE, NJ

Dr sadek freehold somerset somerville takes medicaid...... 732 640 5316

on 4/17/15 4:58 am - BAYONNE, NJ

Vinncant innance and 2 others northjerseybaratrics.com  they said they work with all insurences.

Tammy P
on 6/24/15 9:13 am - Brooklyn, NY

Hi Leighmack,

Have you used V. Innance?  I go today for a consultation for RNY Revision. 

on 6/25/15 7:54 am - BAYONNE, NJ

I went to consult years ago but didnt follow through. I switched insurances to horizon nj health and dr jordan garrison at christ hoapital in jersey city i had a consult with. 

(deactivated member)
on 10/14/15 4:37 pm

How did it go? Did you get approved?I have wellcare medicaid and I need weight loss surgery too.

on 10/18/15 6:46 am, edited 10/17/15 11:46 pm - BAYONNE, NJ

I switched my wellcare insurance to horizon nj health.... because a dr right by me took horizon nj health only.. i have noticed alot of drs in this area are dropping wellcare.. my surgery is Oct 21st my first appt with dr was June 23rd so took me bout 4 months and was approved in like 4 days

my dr is Jordan Garrison he is in Jersey City NJ works through Christ hospital he is a very nice guy quick and straight to the point

on 11/30/16 11:23 pm

Hi Leigh,

Do you have current contact information for Dr. Garrison? I reached out to Christ Hospital and he is no longer on staff there. 


Please email the the information to me [email protected].


Thank you,


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