on 6/26/16 10:09 am - Wayne, NJ
REALIZE Band on 02/25/09 with

I was thinking of having my band removed which NEVER worked and have the sleeve done at same time. Some doctors say they won't do it same day because of complications, and others have. What do you think?  

I really can;t handle being fat anymore. But I'm also scared because I love food, it's a comfort to me. UGH... My band is 5 years old, not filled anymore because I never had restriction either way.  Getting lots of reflux now and have gastritis. 



Banded on 2/25/09 
GOAL: 180
First Fill: 3/31/09 at 4cc's in a 9cc band     The webs free Calorie Journal
on 9/13/16 7:10 am - Vernon, NJ

I have my 2nd sleeve in..both failed me and now am going through the process of having it removed and getting the sleeve. Surgeons do do this but in my case, because of so many surgeries in that area, my surgeon will not. I have to have it removed, then heal for 3 months, then I can have the sleeve. My cardiologist had it done and referred me to my surgeon. The girls in his office used him and one them had the band and he removed it at the same time. I can give you his name if you would like to contact his office for a consultation.

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