Medicaid for panni removal and possible breast lift???

on 11/22/16 11:36 am
Revision on 12/01/16

I've had two surgeries rny in 2008 & revision rny in 2013. First go round I weighed in my lowest at 240lbs where I stayed solid until 2012 after I started to get depovera shots two months after having twins. I was 338lbs the day of my revision and here 4yrs later I am at the stuck solid stage of 229lbs. I'm totally fine at this weight never wanted to become super skinny, but what I'm not ok with is the stomach!! It's down right huge and flabby! It's caused some image issues!! And I know it's only this bad this time because of not only gaining the weight back but carrying twins for 8mths. I want just a simple panni removal and possible breast lift. Are there and doctors who take horizon nj health for these procedures preferably in south jersey? My revision dr was dr Iqbal from Vineland area.

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