RNY to Distal RNY? Any success

Christine Knorr

on 11/26/16 1:38 pm - Ventnor City, NJ

I am so frustrated...I have been looking for a surgeon in my location (NJ) who will revise me from an RNY to DS to no avail...after 3 surgeons I have one willing to operate but only revising me from an RNY to Distal RNY and doing nothing to my stoma, which is enlarged.  My pouch is of normal size for my time out...Please, please, please I hope there are some success stories about this procedure...I am currently on my 3 month supervised diet...Thanks in advance

on 11/27/16 9:20 am

I don't want to be negative only to share my experience with you. I had the revision that you are considering and it didn't work for me. I lost weight the first month when I was eating only soup. I am one week out from having bpd revision surgery in Brazil. I wish I had done it the first time. 

on 3/8/19 8:38 am - Milford, NJ

Can I ask which doc offered r n y to r n y in no bc I can't find one! ???

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