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Kesslyn B.
on 5/28/03 3:53 pm - Thorofare, NJ
Hi..I live in West Deptford NJ, which is in Gloucester county..I had just recently made an appointment with Dr. May in Woodbury for my first consultation..He couldnt see me until November..But last week his office called to cancel and said he is no longer doing the procedure. Now Im back to looking for a Dr. anyone have any advice for me, I would appreciate it so much.I ve only lived in NJ for a year and Im not very familiar with Dr's around here..thanks in advance Kesslyn
Angela W.
on 5/28/03 4:35 pm - Newark, NJ
Dr. Capella which is in Ramsey, New Jersey is an excellent Doctor. You should contact his office.
on 5/29/03 2:34 am - Chestnut Ridge, NY
Hi, Kesslyn, I don't know where Gloucester County is, but I had my surgery with Dr. Elliot Goodman, who practices out of Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck (Bergen County). It might be a long trip for you, but a lot of his patients think he's worth it, including me!
David F.
on 5/29/03 3:22 am - Sicklerville, NJ
Kesslyn: I've done a tremendous amount of research. I would highly recommend Dr. Vishal Mehta in Somerset (732) 745-0999. He has specialty training and his practice is 10% dedicated to bariatric surgery. Although he is in central New Jersey, it is well worth the trip. I'm just waiting for insurance company authorization. Also, Dr. Mehta is having a seminar in Princeton this Saturday, May 31st. Dr. Mehta's web site is www.mehtabariatriccenter.com By the way, I live in Swedesboro, the ride to Dr. Mehta is about 75 minutes. Dave
on 5/31/03 2:49 am
Hi kesslyn, I have been to west Deptford. I would think Dr. slotmen would be the closest to you. he's in Camden, He was my first pick, but I went to Dr Pasupathy in Bridgeton New Jersey .Because he didn't have a long waiting list. and it was nice to know he also works in the trauma Dept of the hosp. and also the staff do the handling of the insurance co. all you do is get your pre-op tests done and sit back for the call from the drs. staff, saying weather you are approved or whatever. and lastly because I knew where his office was without me getting a map out. His office is located cross the street from the hosp. He is just as good and I was very satisfyed. Dr. Slotmen is a very good surgeon. I don't know how long his waiting list is. But it won't hurt to check him out. e-mail me if you want to know more. take care~*~Hugs~*~
Christine W.
on 6/22/03 2:37 pm - Sewell, NJ
RNY on 08/31/00 with
I highly recommend Dr David Greenbaum in Willingboro. His office number is 609-877-1737. You can visit support group meeting to learn about the surgeryand meet the doctor every other Monday at 6pm at Rancocas Hospital cafeteria in Willingboro. The next meeting is on June 28th. Chrissie http://users.snip.net/~shihtzumom
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