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filloreta B.
on 6/14/03 10:38 am - lodi, nj
Hello everyone!! and here is my story!!!... on August 24th 2001 was the beging of my NEW LIFE!!! or so I thought I went into surgery that day to have a RNY done by DR. IRADJ SALAHI!!!! I thought everything went well and I was now going to be the healthy thin person I had Ohh soo hoped to be my whole life, I thought NEVER again will i look in the mirror and see someone worthless, a fat, ugly, no good, cant do nothing right, person...I mean isnt this what people see us as, just FAT lazy people, and as of that day I was no longer going to be this person, I was being re-born. I was going to be a new person.......or so I thought.....I put my life in this mans hands, not just the physical part of it, but the emotional and mental part of it and he dropped it. DR. IRADJ SALAHI never completed my surgery, thats right he never FINISHED...he cut me open as if I was an animal and poked around inside of me, and closed me up left me with a 9'' vertical scar running up and down the front of me and he just closed me up, like a rag doll. He mad me think I was fine everything was ok, he finished the surgery to perfection is what how he lied to my family in recovery. he made me think the whole time I was in the hospital that everything went GREAT! until 2 weeks later i was eating normally like I did before surgery and I went to his office and asked him wahts happening.....he told me, I he didnt finish the surgery and to just DEAL with it, just deal with it, thats what he said. I left his office that day and behind i left the rest of my life. I left that day with only half of me, cause half had died. MY life was over thats all I could think, I had nothing to go on for, I Was so close to mydreams and they were shattered shattered by someone else...he just jumped on my dreams....broke them as if they were nothing...Its taking me a LONG time to get over this I cry almost everyday I have a scar to remind me of my dream failure. What to do, After the surgery i started seeing a new doctor and than lost my insurance, what else could go wrong,....but finallly as of JULY 1st 2003. I will have insurance and in sept of 2003 I am getting married and the one thing i want more than anything in this world is to be able to be at least 50lbs thinner by than, and HOPEFULLY!! God willing and with the help of Dr.Ibraham and his office my dreams will come true...I have an appt with Dr. Ibraham on june7th, I had seen him over a year ago when I had insurance so I donthave start from the jump..... Thanks for listening!!! ~Dreamer
David F.
on 6/14/03 6:40 pm - Sicklerville, NJ
That's a terrible thing that your surgeon did. You should get a copy of the operating room report from the hospital to determine why he didn't finish, then get a malpractice lawyer!
Kathy F.
on 6/19/03 1:57 pm
What a nightmare. And Dr.'s want to cap malpractice amounts. You will get excellent care with Dr. Ibrahim. He did my surgery. He is a great Dr. He cares which is rare these days.
Christine W.
on 6/22/03 2:17 pm - Sewell, NJ
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Why haven't you gotten a lawyer?
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on 6/23/03 5:10 am - NJ
Jennifer J.
on 6/23/03 6:29 am - Oakhurst, NJ
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#1 You need to get a lawyer...and a good one at that! #2 I have heard many wonderful things about Dr. Ibrahim. A friend of mine who had a LAP/RNY in 2001 w/ Dr. Andrei, has a friend who had a LAP/RNY this year w/ Dr. Ibrahim and she is doing wonderfully. #3 Have a beautiful wedding and a wonderful life! Jennifer
Stacey S.
on 6/24/03 10:12 pm - Fort Lee, NJ
Hi. I am new to the sight and I was reading your story. I think that is the most horrible thing a doctor could do. Did he give you any explanation as to why he did not complete the surgery? I think you need a lawyer. But on the positive side it looks like things are looking up for you. I wish you all the luck in the world. Stacey
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