Going for a consulation

on 6/22/03 3:07 pm - Willingboro, NJ
and a bit nervous. It's August 29th but I am on the borderline of qualifying. I am about 245lbs and 5'9, but many failed attempts at weight loss through doctors and all. Anyone have the surgery that was kind of borderline also. Curious to see if insurance company covered it and how you did. Just so depressed over my weight and looking for a real change that will have real results. Tired of dieting, losing, stopping diet, and gaining back. I love rollercoasters, but this is ridiculous.
David F.
on 6/23/03 12:42 am - Sicklerville, NJ
Tara: With your BMI, you would qualify under the NIH guidlines, if you have co-morbidities, such as, diabetes, coronary problems, sleep apnea, arthrities, hypertension, etc. It is my understanding that you will need co-morbidities if your BMI is between 35 and 40. You should also ask your insurance company for their qualifying criteria.
on 7/8/03 10:55 am - Willingboro, NJ
bumping it up for others to see.
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