Feeling in Limbo-Part 2

on 6/23/03 12:34 am - Elizabeth, NJ
Hi everyone: I called Dr; Kamelgard's office this morning and was told that my paperwork would not be submitted for insurance approval until he moves in August. I also contacted another surgeon and his office told me that I would have to begin the process all over again despite the fact that I have all my paperwork. So I guess I have two choices. Either wait 6 weeks for Dr. Kamelgard to move or start over again. Any advise would be appreciated.
David F.
on 6/23/03 12:51 am - Sicklerville, NJ
Again, my experience proved that I did not have to start over again. Call Dr. Mehta's office, with all that you have already, I'm sure that they would be able to fit you in. Call (732) 745-0999 and ask for Lulu. Good luck.
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