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on 7/22/20 8:41 pm
Topic: Ocean County

I recently moved to Manahawkin and need to find a primary care doc and a gastroenterologist. They need to be aware of the needs of a DS'er. Any DS'ers in the area have a recommendation? Thanks!

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on 6/25/20 5:49 am
Topic: RE: Hep C and Gastric Bypass???

@serenity1028 did you end up getting the surgery?

on 4/13/20 9:42 am
VSG on 02/29/16
Topic: RE: Looking for a surgeon

Are you still looking? I had my gastric sleeve done with Dr Sowemimo at CentraState Medical Center IN 2015 (I work there). Dr Togbe still performs surgery here but I don't have any first hand knowledge of him. Dr Sowemimo us great. I'd recommend him withut hesitation.

on 10/4/19 11:57 am - NJ
VSG on 10/07/19
Topic: RE: Psych Evaluation for Bariatric Surgery

Hi Hector,

You are able to see anyone you want, provided they will complete the needed paperwork. I wish you well on your journey!

on 10/4/19 11:55 am - NJ
VSG on 10/07/19
Topic: RE: Looking for a surgeon

Hi Amberlee,

I am in South Jersey, and I highly recommend Dr. Marc Neff or Dr. Adeshola Fakalujo. Both are great. I know it's not Central, but they really are worth the drive.

on 8/28/19 9:06 pm
Topic: Looking for a surgeon

I'm looking for a surgeon in central NJ to do gastric sleeve. Bennet K. Togbe is the only local doc I can find who takes my insurance but he seems less experienced than the other docs in his practice. Does anyone know anything about him?

on 7/27/19 8:04 pm - Milford, NJ
Topic: Message of hope - Horizon NJ Health Revision Approved!

I know we get a lot of people here asking about this insurance or that insurance.

I had my RNY in 2006 when I had a different insurance plan entirely. Now I have Horizon NJ Health (NJ Medicaid).

It took me 4-5 months to jump through all the hoops (nutritionist appointments, psych eval, cardiologist, pulmonologist, and more), but in less than two weeks from submission, my revision to the DS was approved.

I ended up trying three different surgeons before I found one I trusted- finding a revision doc covered by HNJH was a serious challenge!

Surgery date is 8/20. Wish me luck!

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on 3/8/19 8:38 am - Milford, NJ
Topic: RE: RNY to Distal RNY? Any success

Can I ask which doc offered r n y to r n y in no bc I can't find one! ???

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Sheri A.
on 1/29/19 4:28 am
Hi First Saturday Support! I'm looking forward to our next meeting on Saturday, February 2nd. Our featured presenter will be Deborah Hall from Nordstroms who will chat with us about wardrobe choices as we go through this journey. I need to ask for RSVP's as our guest is bringing goodies and asked for a headcount. Hope you can attend! 10:30 am at Robert Wood Johnson Fitness Center. Please RSVP through our FB page.

NOTE: First Saturday Support Group is the only peer to peer group known in the Union County area, began in 2008, starting our 11th year of support, friendship, guidance and help for the bariatric community. Visit our FB page for admittance. The group meets the first Saturday of each month from September-June at the RWJ Fitness and Wellness Center, Conference Room, kitchen side from 10:30-noon. Please join us!!!!
on 10/2/18 12:04 pm
Topic: 3 month nutritionist

I am in the beginning process of this journey, I am required to meet with the nutritionist for 3 months and my BMI is currently at the qualifying range of 35.5. My question is if they put my on a meal plan for the next 3 months and my BMI falls below 35 will I be not eligible for bariatric surgery or do I need to try to keep my BMI at 35 during this 3 month process?

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