Interesting News about WLS in NS--you'll want to know about this!!!!

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Hi everyone,

Thinking of you ALL while I was up in Amherst having my revision surgery. Feeling a little guilty that I was able to get in so quick for a revision while there are so many people just as important waiting for their initial surgery, I decided to have a chat with my Surgeon Dr. MacDonald.

Since I was given the option of
A: Re-do VBG
B: RNY Gastric Bypass

I thought if this hospital is capable of doing all the above surgeries, then who can get them?
I asked Dr. MacDonald if he is taking on ANY NEW PATIENTS?? His response:

"We have 3 QUALIFIED SURGEONS up here in Amherst. If THEY were to refer some of their patients to us, YES we could do their surgeries. MSI will cove these surgeries here, but we need the referrals from their doctors."

He then went on to say:

"We are fully aware of the 2000 long list. They are only doing 200 surgeries per year in Halifax and here we are doing 350 surgeries per year. By us taking over some of their backlog, we would definitely help shorten that list so they can get caught up and be able to attend to their patients as the referrals come in."

I ended the conversation with:
"So I guess we just have to make some noise?" --He laughed and responded with, "well if they want the surgery bad enough, perhaps they'll start to ask".

(He also told me that it's against the law in Nova Scotia to operate a self-pay clinic, like in Quebec.)

Have a great day everyone, and HUGS to everyone who seems to be waiting forever for what I was blessed to have a 2nd chance with. Good Luck!!!

Coreena xoxo

**Since writing this, it has come to our attention that Dr. MacDonald and his team are NOT available to take on any new patients for weight loss surgery, just mainly revisions. It is good to know his team would like to do more if the province would allow, however this is not an option in our near future.**

VBG June 1991 - Revision to VSG May 12, 2011
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That is good news for those waiting for surgery. 
Glad to hear that you made out well in your revision as well.
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can't seem to find my inbox here for some reason lol, so new here and don't know how it works

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Thank you so much, I did send you a message for the contact info.
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 OOOO MMMM GEEEE!!!!  Thank you thank you thank you for thinking of us Coreena!!!  This is amazing news.  Could you send me the contact information please? 

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 That's wonderful thank you very much for the info.  I hope that your recovery goes very well.  I'll keep you informed.  

Chris :) 
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 Hey there, 
So I just called his office (extension 6386 incase anyone was wondering) and the surgical coordinator had indicated that he only does revisions and that they are not set up to do the WLS surgery itself.  Perhaps Dr. MacDonald would think differently, but what do you make of this?  I would almost love to talk to Dr. MacDonald himself about this.  Anyone have an email address (assuming he checks emails)?  
Thanks, Chris

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Hey guys, so I sent an email to Dr. MacDonald as I found his email online via Dalhousie.  Anyway, I literally got an email response from him right after I sent it and here it is, 

" To Chris Morton, The Dept of Surgery here in Amherst is part of the 
Dept in Halifax and the arrangement is that Dr Ellsmere and his team 
will do the new patients but in order to expedite the wait list there 
will have us do those patients with previous weight loss operations 
who need revision surgery. Infrequently Halifax requests us to do one 
of their wait list new patients e.g., someone who because of previous 
abdominal surgery is unsuitable for a laparoscopic approach or 
similiar reasons but otherwise obesity surgery is not part of our 
mandate. Yours truly,Dr. MacDonald. "
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