on 11/11/11 11:10 am - Beaver Bank, Canada
As most of you know, one of our Owlss members will be going to Mexico for her gastric sleeve surgery. Global 16:9 will be following her story (and traveling with her to film her surgery while in Mexico) and doing a documentary on the subject. They are looking for any volunteers to attend a special meeting for this, to discuss the waiting times and lack of follow-up care across Canada.

If anyone is able to assist, please let us know if you are willing to be seen on camera or only wish to speak "off camera". They are requesting at least 10 people. As far as we know, the event will have to take place on Nov. 20th, and pending attendance, the room will be booked and time will be announced.

~Thank you in advance for your help and co-operation!

***Here is YOUR chance to have your voice heard and have the gov't sit up and listen--hopefully even finally do something for us!!!

A note from Owlss event page on Facebook:
"This is perfect! Recognition for OWLSS...to get the word out that we are "there" as support to anyone fighting obesity. AND...to address this waiting list problem we are facing in NS & across Canada. Our doctors and politicians need to step up and face this obesity epidemic for what it really is. No more dancing around the issue! Let's get it done and get our patients taken care of NOW!!!"

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on 11/12/11 10:06 pm - Lower Sackville, Canada
I will be there for sure LOL
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