Crossing Over to Transfer Addictions...New Years Resolutions faded?

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New Years Resolutions faded?....

Hi All,

There is a new OH Online Support Group. The above link will get you there.
It's called
Crossing Over to Transfer Addictions.

This group discusses the issue of transfer addictions (also known as cross addictions) after weight loss surgery. there are millions of people who have undergone gastric bypass who are now dealing with issues of addiction transfer.

For a number of people, giving up overeating leads to adoption of a new compulsion.

Addiction transfer occurs when someone is unable or unwilling to rely on one compulsion (for us, it was food) and so switches to a new compulsion (alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, shopping, internet, porn, etc) due to not having dealt with the underlying issue behind the compulsion.

***Please feel free (and safe) to join and discuss any and/all issues you have regarding Transfer Addiction. ***

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