Reccommendations for Support Groups/Therapists in Manhattan

on 7/11/15 11:29 am

Hello all,
I am less than one week away from my VSL surgery - as you can imagine I am extremely nervous & excited. My surgery will be on Long Island, but I would like weekly support closer to work. Does anyone have any suggestions for support groups or perhaps therapists that specialize in food issues in Manhattan?

Thanks in advance!

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on 9/6/15 10:22 am

What part of Manhattan do  you work in ?  Its a BIG island lol and lunch hours are short ...

on 9/6/15 2:37 pm

I work in Soho but anything below 34th street will do.

on 9/10/15 4:09 pm - Bronx, NY

Had surgery August 31st 2015 and new to this site. Wanted to know what is the best and inexpensive protein drink?

on 9/10/15 4:39 pm

I found all the protein drinks too sweet and could not stomach them. The only two I could tolerate were:

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Double Rich Chocolate - which I mixed with almond milk. Sometimes adding powdered peanut butter, sometimes adding decaf instant coffee.

Premiere Protein Shake (chocolate)- which I still drink 2 months post-op. Super convenient because it's already mixed AND you can get it at Costco sometimes on sale for $20 a case.

Good luck!


on 9/10/15 4:53 pm - Bronx, NY

Thanks dearly 

on 9/14/15 11:31 am - Bronx, NY

Do you know which drink or brand has the highest protein. I tried researching but i'm all researched out!

on 1/27/17 8:32 pm

On the chance that you still check in here and are still unsure of support groups,, just call any of the hospitals bariatric offices for their group schedules. They all welcome people regardless of where they've had surgery.  There are therapists and you can get a few recommendations from people who attend or when you call.  As far as I know, most of the practices have a guest therapist address/anwer questions at support groups from time to time.

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