Dr. Hadley

Debbi S.
on 6/7/12 8:18 am - Kettering, OH
I am a satisfied patient of Dr. Rita Hadley. I received a letter today stating that she will no longer practice at KMC. Does anyone know if/where she is moving? I am pretty taken aback and I hope whatever is looming is good for her.
on 6/15/12 11:04 am - OH
I received the same letter. I saw somewhere that her contract was not renewed? I find that inpossible, but maybe she wanted to leave. Does anyone know where she is going?
Debbi S.
on 6/15/12 9:34 pm - Kettering, OH
I called the office on Thursday, because I have an appointment with her in July. She is "allowed" to see patients until July 27, which is her last day in the office. I was told KMC is closing the Kettering Hospital bariatric center, but keeping Grandview and Sycamore open. I'm surprised too. She is quite honestly the best. She is also a very, very decent person and I hope this move is what she wants and is a step up for her (as long as she stays around here)! My appointment is the 10th, so I will post more if someone doesn't do it before me. thanks for your reply.
on 6/24/12 10:58 am - OH
Thanks for the update. Please keep me posted!
Debbi S.
on 8/14/12 4:06 am - Kettering, OH
Still waiting to see where she is going. I had an appointment with her on July 10th and she couldn't tell me. She told me to watch the newspapers for an ad. I haven't seen anything yet.
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