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on 1/21/17 9:23 pm - Youngstown, OH

  I reside in Ohio, so it's only fitting that I post this here as well.

Hello!  Okay, first here are my basic stats:


Age: 47

Height: 5' 5.5" [I'm clinging to that half part.  LOL!

Highest Weight:  440s

Current Weight:  395 [as of my most recent weigh in on 19 January 2017].

I've finally, FINALLY been able to meet with my new bariatric surgeon, Dr. Robert Woodruff. He's with St. Elizabeth's & St. Joseph's Surgical Weight Loss Center (SWLC) in Youngstown, Ohio but performs the procedures @ St. Joe's in Warren, OH [I've not been to that facility].

Our initial 7:45AM consult was brief but still good. Still I requested a 2nd consult with him so I can really sit w/ him and ask my 'grocery list' length of questions. Downside is that he's only in the office on Thursday mornings. I'll find a way to make it happen. That being said, Dr. Robert Woodruff seemed knowledgeable, energetic and engaging and a tad in a hurry.  He also appears a bit younger than me but in actuality I think he's in his late 40s too.   No qualms about it. Youthful, unjaded exuberance is always welcomed in my book! What procedure will I have? Originally when I began researching and speaking w/ drs & patients over the yrs., I opted for RNY/ Bypass. But by 2012, my preference swayed more to the Gastric Sleeve. Now since speaking with my surgeon, the pendulum seems to be heading back towards the Gastric Bypass again. So I told him to write Gastric Bypass on my chart.... but do it in pencil. smh. LOL! I'm undecided.  Stay tuned.   I have NINE (9)months, in accordance w/ CARE SOURCE Insurance [every ins. is different], to decide & they cover just about everything- no copays. Zilch! Thank heavens.   Besides, I've been in this shell for 41 years and began researching & interviewing/ Q & A with patients & drs in NYC and Ohio and all over the globe since 1996; ultimately longing for WLS for 20 years and could not obtain it for one unfortunate reason/ cir****tance or another.   So I can handle 9 months.  I have a lot I need to accomplish within that time so it's ideal.  Also, I'll be requesting an extended consultation w/ with Dr. Woodruff around the 1st  or 2nd Thursday in February because our first consult was too brief [barely 20 mins.  I have a grocery list of one-on-one questions I need to ask him and I informed his office.  They said no problem.  Of course not, there shouldn't be.  It's called patients rights.  

I'm thrilled, but have to rein in the emotions a bit.  This will not be just "a long time coming", not just a journey, but an odyssey for me. Anyways, there you have it. Please wish me success, and the same to you.

Toodles.   Jen 

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