Size friendly OB/GYN near Cleveland?

on 4/5/17 12:43 pm

Hey everyone, I am on a desperate search for a Fat/Plus Size friendly ob gyn near Cleveland. I had an amazing one in NC before I moved up here, however since being here, I've only had 1 visit, for a routine exam, and the doctor was horribly mean and demeaning to me, berating me about how overweight I was before even telling me her name or asking how my day was. Imagine getting undressed in front of someone after that, it has literally scarred me, by far worst experience of my life in terms of weight or doctors.

Before this experience, I never even considered finding a special doctor for my ob gyn appointments, maybe that was just naive, but since this visit, I am terrified of having a repeat visit. Has anyone found a plus size friendly ob gyn in or around Cleveland? I just want to be treated like a human being. :(

on 4/12/17 11:56 am
DS on 06/08/17

Hi Katie!

I recommend The Cleveland Clinic. There is a wide variety of providers to choose from. I have all of my docs and specialists there.

Also, they have the Bariatric and Metabolic Institute at main campus, and I've found that it seems to make the docs more compassionate. I don't have a specific on/gym to recommend. But, my PCP is pretty awesome and that may be a good place to start.

Clinic Main Campus: 216.444.2273

VSG TO DS Revision on June 8, 2017.

Surgeon: Dr. Philip Schauer at Cleveland Clinic
Current Weight: 280 lbs

Regained to: 312lbs
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Highest Weight ever: 330lbs

on 9/4/17 1:41 pm
VSG on 09/16/14

Dr Tucker in Willoughby! She is part of the lake health system and I've been going to her since I was in college. I'm very particular about my doctors and Dr. Tucker and Dr. Brozowski (same office) have been phenomenal. I was with her at my largest (310+) and now, with all the weird bodily changes due to the weight loss. I'm way more self conscious now and she's always been super professional and able to answer all of my gross questions about the changes without batting an eye.

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