Delayed UPDATE From Lansingville/ Youngstown, OH.


on 1/14/19 12:36 pm - Youngstown, OH

I've posted a few entries a good while ago on either the general discussion forum or RNY forum or Ohio members forum here. But as I stated, that was some months back in 2018. It slipped my mind to post UPDATES & current status on my BLOG. It's been a bloody 2 years since posting here on! So I'm gonna catch you up on what has transpired.

I was approved for RNY/ Gastric Bypass Surgery by my health provider, Care Source/ Medicaid, late November 2017. I had the procedure performed by Dr. Robert Woodruff, F.A.C.S. at St. Joseph Medical Center in Warren, OH, on February 6th, 2018!

Here's my basic stats:

Age at time of surgery: 48

Height: 5'5"

Residence: Lansingville, Youngstown, OH

Highest Weight: 440-ish Lbs. during 2014/ 2015

Day of Surgery (06 Feb. 2018) Weigh In: 378#s

Current Weight as of 14 January 2019: 292/ 293#s

Personal Short Term Goal Weight for my 1st SURGIVERSARY Follow up w/ Surgeon Sched. 07 Feb. 2019: 278#s (fingers crossed)

Weightloss & BMI Goal (PRE-Excess Skin Removal & Breast reduction/Lift & Augmentation): 165-ish Pounds w/ BMI @ 31

Final Overall Weight Loss Post-Ops Goal: Between 130#s- 140#s

I do exercises/ workouts at home (especially using my HEAVY cane & elastic band). I walk up & my hallway in my apt. bldg. I was cleared by my docs to go bowling as exercise (as per my nagging request) starting in late August/ September 2018 for NO LONGER than 30 mins & no more than 1 or 2xs every week. I nearly sweated out my relaxer! ROFL! I'm not a "bowler" like my BFF & her bf whom both are and they drive me to the lanes. But if I'm gonna exercise, then I'm going to do things that are enjoyable & I won't dread. I don't go to keep score. Just to get healthier & burn off the excess.

As of Dec. 31, 2018 w/ 2 or 3 sessions per week, with a "12 Visit" prescription from my surgeon for exercise and improve strength/ stability & a separate 'script from my PCP for my edema, I've been going to ATLAS REHAB & WELLNESS CTR, in Liberty, OH for Aqua Therapy. I love it and have been wanting and needing this for years ever since I heard about it over 15 years ago. I'm in the pool doing routines for an hour with 2 minute breaks with a therapist (he or she are outside the pool). Then hit the showers there. I'll say this much, I've had 5 sessions and I can stand in the 'handicapped' shower for about 5-8 mins. I still need to use the handrails, but I mo longer feel like I'm going to faint, collapse or just can't bathe & reach areas at all.

So all my efforts are reaping small achievements. The ability to perform activities I couldn't even accomplish 8 months ago are happening! Like needing "smaller" clothes. I need 3x/ 4x in knit bottoms and 6x/7x in pullover t-shirts & tops to allow for the hooters. lol

I'll try NOT to go 2 years more before posting. L8R Jen

on 2/12/19 2:44 pm - Cleveland, OH

So wonderful. I've looked into swimming and some kind of water exercise myself. Sounds fun!

Jan. 22, 2019 had RNY surgery. Please send positive thoughts and prayers my way. Thanks!

Height 5'10" / HW 330 / CW 295


on 2/15/19 5:29 pm - Youngstown, OH

Thanks so much, ShanaC! It's fun & meditative too. I can't swim, but it's not a prerequisite. I'm instructed in routines with stretches, extending, incorporating styrofoam "weights" in the small pool, squats, etc. And also walking & marching laps around the small, 4 ft' deep therapy pool. I've managed to do 7 laps on my 1st attempt last Saturday. A tremendous workout & a milestone for me since I was leary to leave the bottom step in the pool back in late December 2018. After 4 visits, I've memorized every exercise (15-17 so far).

I had my evaluation on Feb. 14 to see what course of action to take w/ my edema & pt post op. I want & cleared to do "land" (their onsite gym) one day & the pool 2-3 days after; twice a week for 4 weeks beginning Feb. 27th.

Consult w/ your surgeon, PCP (Primary Care Physician) & your insurer FIRST before doing this. THEY will greenlight you when THEY believe it's okay to take either on. This can seems to range anywhere from 6-9 months post-op. Best to be safe than sorry due to being a bit overzealous and gung ho to start.

All the best & much success to you on your journey, hon. Cheers.

on 2/15/19 7:16 pm - Cleveland, OH

Yeah, I'm not so excited to get out in this cold Ohio weather right now anyway LoL. I had a doctor's appointment today.... the snow is gone but that wind! Ugh!

I won't rush anything. Right now I'm just trying to concentrate on getting in my fluids. Things have been bad with that (hence the appointment). Just wishing things get better soon for us all.

Jan. 22, 2019 had RNY surgery. Please send positive thoughts and prayers my way. Thanks!

Height 5'10" / HW 330 / CW 295


on 2/15/19 7:42 pm, edited 2/15/19 11:59 am - Youngstown, OH

Amen to that! It is very cold here. Although I did go bowling this afternoon. Had to. I missed it & not been able to go in a while due to poor weather & poor finances. I do it for the exercise, not to keep score. I bowled 1 game alone. Took a break waiting for my bff to arrive & I bowled a game w/ her before picking up a Panera salad (Green Goddess Cob Salad I can stretch for 2 days) & a couple of Starbucks 'Pink Drink' I saw on Instagram & Starbucks' site. Plus my gift card felt neglected.

Take good care & stay warm. Don't know what part of Ohio you're in, but in Mahoning county snow/ snow showers are predicted for Sunday, Wednesday & Friday.

Bon nuit.

Btw, hope u saw the pics of the 93 degree pool (the hot tub is 103 degrees, but I can't use it because it'll aggravate the edema on my thighs & abdomen) I go to in Liberty, OH I posted on my main profile home page here. Had difficulty posting them in the body of the text responses.

on 2/18/19 7:46 am - Cleveland, OH

I had to look up Panera & Starbucks Cleveland locations. I've heard of them but never got any food from them since it's a bit expensive. I love trying new things so they're now on my list for when I'm able to eat regular food. Having a gift card does help LoL.

I just saw the pictures of the pool. It looks so relaxing! Is there a monthly fee? I have so many hopes these next few months.... that's about all I can do is hope right now. Lately I've had difficulty keeping down anything. I had an esophogram & it seems my stomach just might be swollen (probably from the puking). Hopefully that's all & my doctor can help with that so I can get back on track.

Jan. 22, 2019 had RNY surgery. Please send positive thoughts and prayers my way. Thanks!

Height 5'10" / HW 330 / CW 295


on 2/18/19 10:41 am - Youngstown, OH

Agreed. Panera is overpriced. Darn near have to take out a loan to eat there. Good, "clean", healthy food shouldn't have to cost so bloody much. Ugh. Oh well. Definitely check out their website.

I had my RNY 06 Fe. 2018, but was not given clearance by my dietitian/ nutritionist, Kim T., to consume raw veggies/ salads until late September. However, when i was allowed the 'soft food stage' before that in July, & my body & mind was craving greens of any sort, I had my personal asst./ friend go to Walmart/ Giant Eagle & Rulli Bros. to get my list of green, yellow, red & orange veggies, ginger root & dark berries and apples/ pears of course. I immediately began liquifying & extracting them in my NutriBullet only once or twice a week. Especially since my caloric intake could not exceed 825 cals per day; 'sugars' couldn't exceed 8 grams; my proteins had to fall between 70-80 grams daily with water intake (no coffee or 'black' teas because they don't count & they dehydrate the body) ideally between 64-90 (+) ounces per day. All that ever since I was post-op. That's tough, so I totally empathize.

I'm fortunate that I was able to keep water down & only vomited once when I attempted a mashed up small boiled egg during the soft stage. Ugh, that was horrid! The odd thing was that there was no odor, no aftertaste of ANYTHING. Bizarre! Downside is that I'm allergic to TOO much whey protein & egg protein isolates and shellfish (reg. fish I love and CAN eat). Thus a lot of the required protein powders/ products (Nectar brand) I had to purchase through my surgeon's office, broke me out in rashes & hives literally from my scalp to the tops of my feet [and ALL points in between] . The misery didn't end until late July and I still have the scarring from it. :( Now I just try to make people aware to test products via samples; if able, before going all in shelling out over $250.00 for stuff you can't use from a doctor's office or center that won't refund the expense, not even partial. Live & learn, right?

On to the pool. It's a rehab/ wellness therapeutic center. They initially only take in patients with a doctor's prescription and if they accept your insurer/ Medicaid (I have Care Source via Medicaid). I pay for nothing, not even a copay. I've never paid a copay for anything. However, my insurance only covers 30 visits cap per year with final evaluations & discharged. Having been with Atlas Therapy now, when my time comes for discharge, I will have the choice to continue to use their facility & work w/ therapists, by taking part in their Wellness Program. Use of the gym, pool or both, 1 hour at a time for each maximum and use of the showers. For that it's OUT OF POCKET @ $35.00 per Month! That's flipping Awesome! Can't beat that! Better than the YMCA or community center/ pool because you'll have licensed/ certified pros working 1-on-1 with you.

So check your local physical therapy/ rehabilitation centers in Cleveland or towns near you (ie., I'm in Youngstown but Provide-A-Ride takes me to Liberty, OH (17 mins away) for this, even on Saturdays which I love). Be sure they accept your insurance and ask if they have a website or are on social networks. Once the weather breaks you can always check them out & ask questions you've written down. Then you can get your surgeon's/ doctors 'script, copy of all med prescription (including otc & what it's for) between June & July. Good things to look forward to.

All in all I hope your doctor will be able to help you with your tummy's issues; take some xrays or do an ultrasound possibly. That's important. Take good care, stay positive and BTW, I sent you a friend request on here. I discovered today when sending you one, that someone sent me a request... TWO years ago. I never got a notification for 'friend' requests. I don't know until I randomly visit this site. Oh well. I did still add them. Another thing real quick. Has your dietitian/ nutritionist mentioned anything about hair falling out or thinning? Hopefully you won't experience it, but seems like 70-80% WLS patients do.



on 2/18/19 4:30 pm - Cleveland, OH

Funny you mention Nectar. Last week I looked at their sample packs online... those flavors sound amazing. I can't wait to get back into drinking protein shakes (can only have thin liquids til after Weds appt). What I was drinking before was whey isolate which sat well in my stomach.

My doctors did mention hair loss & thinning during my meetings before surgery. Definitely have to keep up on protein. So far my hair is about the same as it was before surgery. Definitely will take better care of it once my stomach issues are taken care of (no extra energy at the moment).

Jan. 22, 2019 had RNY surgery. Please send positive thoughts and prayers my way. Thanks!

Height 5'10" / HW 330 / CW 295


on 2/20/19 12:17 pm - Youngstown, OH

Well done. Everything in good time.

Yeah, I must admit that despite my allergies, I agree NECTAR has the best flavours. The powder protein tubs I originally pre purchased were (2) VANILLA WAFER & (1) COOKIES & CREAM. Must admit that after 9 months post-op, I figured that if I only used a 1/2 of a scoop, instead of a whole scoop as suggested, I don't suffer a severe reaction. Thank heavens because I detest wasting anything; especially a necessary nutritional supplement I couldn't return. To tra**** would be "A sin & a shame.", as my Mom used to say. LOL. I usually use a plant based brand protein (liquid) like VEGA. But even that bran's liquid is proving difficult to find. Plus the taste isn't too great. Have to 'kill' the taste with bananas & other fruits. Their powder is very pricey. Oh well.

Anyhow, have a good remainder of your week & any upcoming appointments.

Cheers, Jen

on 2/27/19 8:44 pm - Cleveland, OH

I think I'm definitely going to get their sample pack bundle to try out the flavors.

I'm actually in the hospital now. A dilation was done & that helps with the foamies problem. In the morning they're going to try removing any scar tissue, etc. Hopefully after that's done I'll be able to keep down fluids better.

I have faith.

Jan. 22, 2019 had RNY surgery. Please send positive thoughts and prayers my way. Thanks!

Height 5'10" / HW 330 / CW 295

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