I need support, encourgement and prayers

sherrie T.
on 10/3/11 7:37 am - CLAREMORE, OK
I am starting the process for the 5th time.  I need help getting through this process again. I am on Medicaid so It will be a long drawn out process just to find out if I qualify. I joined weigh****chers because it is required to have a supervised diet plan. I figure after 6 months on ww i will really be ready for the wls.  anyone else done ww? I am walking as much as I can, but its hard to do because of the weight and cronic pain. right now I am not sure how much I weigh but i know its over 400# , I am hoping the scales at ww will be able to weigh me. my first meeting is wed. Please pray for me
Brittany E.
on 10/3/11 9:51 am - Norman, OK
I'm really glad you're being persistent and I applaud you for trying again. I know it's hard but you're gonna get it this time, I just know it! I did weigh****chers with a lapband and about 4 months before I decided to have surgery and it really can work if you use the tools and really apply yourself. My aunt has lost close to 60 pounds just on WW and she looks and feels great. Lean on us and your family/friends for support and I wish you nothing but the best!
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sherrie T.
on 10/5/11 5:41 am - CLAREMORE, OK
Thank you. Its great to someone actually reads these posts..lol 
Brittany E.
on 10/5/11 7:20 am - Norman, OK
Anytime! Let me know how the weigh****chers goes!
HW: 325-SW weight: 305     
on 10/5/11 1:08 pm - OK
I'll be praying for you!
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