Anyone out there??

sherrie T.
on 8/20/12 1:32 pm - CLAREMORE, OK
Hi, I have been on the boards before but have been absent for sometime now.. My PC finally turned in the letter to Soonercare to see if I qualify for wls. Please everyone pray that this goes through! I am finally getting my blood sugar under control and with walking I am feeling better but I really need to get this weight off. I have a grandbaby coming in Oct and I want to be able to see it grow up.
Linda S.
on 8/20/12 5:38 pm - McAlester, OK
I am.

sherrie T.
on 8/25/12 9:20 am - CLAREMORE, OK
not may people post the to boad anymore do they
on 9/1/12 4:16 pm - Eufaula, OK
VSG on 06/26/12
Praying for you Sherrie !!

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on 9/2/12 2:34 pm - Norman, OK
 We Oklahoman's need to get this board going again, lots of newbies out there that need us!!!!
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on 9/15/12 7:49 am - Cibolo, TX
This board used to be sooooo active.  Almost to the point that it was hard to keep up with.  Now, it's sadly dead.  I hope we can breathe life back into it!  I hope you finally get approved, Sherrie.  You've been waiting for as long as I can remember now.  ((hugs)

~ Renae

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on 9/23/12 1:01 pm
VSG on 06/27/12
 I would love it if this board was more active!!!  


Shelly S.
on 12/22/12 8:46 am - Stillwater, OK
VSG on 12/13/12

Hi Sherrie! Where did this board disappear to?! It used to have lots of activity! Was your surgery approved?




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