Looking into Plastic Surgery?

on 6/10/15 11:11 am

If you are starting to look into Plastic Surgery, Dr Sauceda will be in Tyler, Tx on 6/26 & 6/27 and is available for consults.  Dr Sauceda specializes in WLS patients and is from Monterrey, Mx.  We have a group here on OH, click on the link for more info:

Group Sauceda

HW/225 - 5'1" ~ SW/205/after surgery 215 ~ CW/145~ BMI-25.8~Normal BMI 132 ~DS Dr Rabkin 4/17/08
Plastics in Monterrey - See Group on OH Dr Sauceda Jan 13, 2011
LBL, BL, small thigh lift, arms & a full facelift on 1/17/11
UBL 1/21/13
Love my Body by Sauceda

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