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sherrie T.
on 8/20/16 8:43 am - CLAREMORE, OK

I am looking for a primary care doctor that has been through the process with a patient on medicaid.  My current doctors office has no experience and has wasted the last year saying they are going to help me.  In the end they gave up and is now making excuses for not doing their job.  I need a doctor who has a staff that knows the procedures to get approved with medicaid.  I am located in Owasso but I am willing to travel for the right doctor. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


on 9/8/16 12:19 pm - OK
RNY on 05/16/16

You could call Dr. Ronnie Keith's office and see if they work with Medicaid. Even though he's located in OKC, he travels to Tulsa and does work there as well. You're going to have to call every Bariatric doctor and do research. Good luck!


I don't think you'll find a Primary care doc that does anything seriously with RNY/VSG.

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sherrie T.
on 9/8/16 5:10 pm - CLAREMORE, OK

Dr Keith is the one that does wls for Medicaid.  My problem is with the primary care doctor and his staff not knowing what they are doing to get me through the process to get approved to see Dr.  Keith.  

However, I found out that the dietician I was seeing said that she did not recommend me for surgery because she required me to lose at least 25#. I only lost 24.7#. My doctor is refering me to someone else to give it another try. 

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