New Lucie Update Repost for Steph

Edmund S.
on 12/29/07 8:31 am - Cornwall, Canada
RNY on 02/29/08 with
hi everyone...this is Stephane, Lucie's husband...Lucie is still not doing good, she is about the same. Lucie was infected with two different bacterias. one is a very agressive bact. but she had been treated since the begining with antybiotics for it so that was good, the second one more comonly known is the flesh eating dasease wich she is being treated for also with antibiotics.
The bacterias were very hard on Lucie's body so parts of her body had started to shut down. her extremities sre all purple from lack of blood her kidneys had shut down so she is stil on 24 h dialississ, she needs a resperatore to breathe for her so she wont overexude herself, her heartrate is very high (137bpm) and her blood pressure is usualy low (100/30) and she has drugs to keeps everything leveled. right now she has been in intensive care at the Ottawa civic hospital since the 26 of dec. morning., she is unresponsive for now. at the begining they told us a 50/50 chance and now i still dont know if any of this has improved, but I do know that Lucie is a strong person(she was up and walking the next day after her second c-section for our son), she is young, she has all the best care that could be given to her at this time, and she has God on her side. If everyone makes one prayer for Lucie I know that the man upstairs wont be able to overlook that kind of request...
Thanks in advance, and i'll try to keep you up to date if any big changes...
Her hubby, Steph.

Take Care.  Ed. S
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on 12/29/07 8:44 am
Thank you for posting Ed. She will continue to be in my thoughts. ~ Bev
on 12/29/07 9:19 am - Niagara Falls, Canada
Sending positive thoughts your way, Lucie. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Take care,
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on 12/29/07 9:21 am - Canada
Thanks for the update. my best wishes and prayers are with lucie and his family. god bless them
on 12/29/07 9:55 am - Canada

Please pass along my get well wishes and let Lucie and her family know that my thoughts and prayers are being sent to her and her family. Lucie get better soon. Jo-Ann

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on 12/29/07 10:11 am - Brampton, Canada
We will continue to keep her in our prayers and her family.
Teena V.
on 12/29/07 10:33 am - Ajax, Canada
Thanks for keeping us all update, she is in my prayers.....Get better I miss you...
Teena V of Ajax
It gets easier day by day...I love my RNY!!!!!
Joyce J.
on 12/29/07 10:42 am - Scarborough, Canada
Hi Ed, Thanks for posting Stephane's message. Lucie continues to be in my prayers. Take care

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Nancy K.
on 12/29/07 10:44 am - Cornwall, Canada
Thanks for keeping us informed Stephane and Ed. I'm sending my prayers, and good wishes to Lucie and her family. Nancy
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on 12/29/07 11:55 am - Canada
Ed, thanks so very much for posting this for Stephane... I wi**** could be better news but being young and strong are definite pluses right now.  We had a co-worker contract this bacteria, while in hospital, and he recovered despite a weak heart and lungs weakened by years of major smoking... I will continue to pray for our Lucie that she begin to show signs of recovery very soon.  I'll also pray for Stephane for continued strength and faith... Thanks again, Ed... Love and hugs, Connie
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