need_2_lose Diane in Toronto hospital!!

on 1/27/09 9:04 am
Hi everyone,  I just came home from visiting Diane at Humber Hospital.   Diane has an abscess in her abdomen, she is thankfully beginning to feel better. 

The people on this website are truly amazing!!!!
Diane and her husband came down from Sudbury and have been adopted by Sandy (Windsorpretzel) and her family.   They have been given a place to stay, food ( delicious pasta) and even lunches packed to take to the hospital. 
Thanks Sandy for taking such good care of our friend.

Diane said she would now love to hear from some of you, when she first got to Toronto she didn't have the energy to talk to people.  PM me if you'd like the info.

on 1/27/09 11:35 am - Hamilton, Canada
wishing her all the best



Surgery date : APRIL 9th
My is Chantelle R

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