Still Awed, The F bomb!!

Arlene J.
on 4/1/11 7:38 am - Barrie, Canada
 After my appointment with the Surgeons at Scarborough and the time of Day. 1:30pm decided to leave the city before rush hour start at 3..If we had of eaten in Scarborough it would have been around that time when we finally left..
I always eat at Subway,  as I know what is in the food.  Well usually we stop at the Subway on Lawrence near the grab out subs..Not yesterday no, I suggested we grab our subs in Newmarket on the way home..We all agreed as I knew there was a subway at Davis and Leslie..right there on the corner behind the beerstore on the south east corner..
Well,  after having been poked and prodded by two surgeons..and repacked I was tired and not prepared for what was to occur.

The woman working there almost made my driver a tuna sub instead of a assorted as requested along with a 6 in assorted for his spouse..I didn't get my bun toasted the way I wanted well done,  the ham was put on in peices instead of folded, which I really couldn't have cared I was That was snappy..with him..So, I said to scott maybe we shouldn't have come here, cause when I asked for more onions the other staff Dropped the F Bomb..on me..I was in such shock..all I wanted was some more onions..Scott, went to my friend only wanted some more onions, why did you say that to her..I told scott to forget it..Scott said no..He then said they could keep their subs..stating they were rude and didn't deserve our business.
Well,  I asked him to cut it in 4 he snapped at me again..ok now my back is getting up,,I asked him for the 800 for subway..He told me to LOOK IT UP!!!!

Normally if I wasn't tired and in an I don't give a **** mood..He wouldn't have gotten away with it.
I called Subway international. 

I will never return to that Subway Leslie and Davis Dr..Newmarket..

still in shock in Barrie

(deactivated member)
on 4/1/11 7:56 am, edited 4/1/11 7:57 am - Toronto, Canada
I've never had issues with Subway - not here near work or near home.  That's terrible what happened to you.  More and more people are in the service industry who shouldnt be there at all!

My brother was at a Subway once and asked for their Salt&Pepper mix and the woman said "no, it's not good for you".  My brother said "I didnt ask you for your opinion, I asked for salt & pepper.  You're not a doctor, you're a sandwich maker!".  
Arlene J.
on 4/1/11 8:15 am - Barrie, Canada
lol, good for him
I have never had an issue before yesterday..still a little shocked...but I will survive lol
Just thought I would share that experience...I will never go into that store again..But I will eat at subway just different ones..
Have a great weekend

Patti K.
on 4/1/11 8:31 am - Kingston On, Canada
RNY on 05/15/08 with
Arelene, I would definetly be contacting head office...thats horrible customer excuse!!  Hope you got his name....Patti K.


(deactivated member)
on 4/1/11 8:35 am - Toronto, Canada
I agree - contact head office, but do it in writing.  A phone call doesnt weigh as much in the customer service field.  If we get letters or emails - its a HUGE issue. 
Arlene J.
on 4/1/11 8:43 am - Barrie, Canada
I sent an email, and followed it up with a phone yes I did complain..
Joy D.
on 4/1/11 8:41 am - Hamilton, Canada
 WoW !!!

i'm sorry to hear that Subways employee treated you that way, but very  happy to hear that you called head of corp, to make a complaint, 

Joy Ticker
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on 4/1/11 9:00 am - Toronto, Canada
I loved Subway when I was preop but remember one time when I requested extra mayo the woman picked up the container marked 'light mayo'. When I asked her why she was using light mayo she replied that she thought it would be better for someone my size especially since I was requesting extra.
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Karen M.
on 4/1/11 9:23 am - Mississauga, Canada

You've got to be kidding!  



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Arlene J.
on 4/1/11 9:33 am - Barrie, Canada
I was a shocked as you were and are..

I have been in the service industry since I can't remember in one way or the other.
Never would I talk to a customer that way..after all it is the customer that pays the pay cheque...

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