Face lift plastic surgeons in Ottawa - can anyone recommend a good one

on 4/10/11 6:41 am - Renfrew, Canada
Age sucks
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on 4/10/11 10:38 am - St Thomas, Canada
Look on RateMDS.com.
Look online for other sources that rate or recommend surgeons.
Make several appointments for consults and ask to see there photo books. Ask if you talk to any of their patients.


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on 4/10/11 12:33 pm - Renfrew, Canada

Thank you for the info on ratemds.com, I will certainly be taking a look.  I know a lot of people in this group have had personal experience with plastics and I often read things like "Oh so and so is a reputed as breast genius" etc.  I am hoping people will share their street knowledge; not that I am looking to biblify others opinions but there is a value as to what peoples experiences have been, and the loyalty that members feel to their fellow weight loss buddies on this blog. 
Thanks again and thank you for the referrals in your signature block.    Karen

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Jennie M.
on 4/10/11 11:59 pm - Ottawa, Canada
Didn't have a facelift but Dr. Silverman is awesome. (Had breasts and tummy done) I would recommend him to anyone for pretty much anything. :D

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on 4/12/11 3:08 pm - Renfrew, Canada
Thank you for your response.  I have heard is name bantied about with praisequite often on this blog.  I'll definitly inquire there.
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Angus Wright
on 4/11/11 7:18 am - Ottawa Canada, Canada
 I live in Ottawa too but I had work done by Dr Nandagopal in Scarborough. Worth the travel, and cheap hotel stay for thee quaility that came from him. 

on 4/12/11 3:20 pm - Renfrew, Canada
Thanks angus.  I will check him out.
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