Tuesday Morning Weigh In

on 7/4/11 11:07 pm
 Well, it shouldn't come to no surprise, it's not like I've been following my plan.

I'm up 1.8 pounds this week.  I've suffered from a major stall and it finally broke last week just to gain some of the loss back this week.

I'm going to be accountable.  I've drank too much, (alcohol during the Canada Day Festivities), I've eaten junk (I don't dump candies) However, i dump (pork and oatmeal), doesn't make sense I know.

Today, I will follow my plan and I will succeed.

Thanks for reading and listening everyone.
Karen M.
on 7/5/11 12:37 am - Mississauga, Canada
Power through, Aimee - you can do it :)



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Joyce J.
on 7/5/11 2:02 am - Scarborough, Canada
Hi there

I agree with Karen, power through. I know it's hard when there are other family members, but try and keep the junk out of the house.

You can do this

Keep your chin up

Joyce----Today is the first day of the rest of your life


(deactivated member)
on 7/5/11 9:19 am - Sudbury, Canada
Don't worry hun, you'll have a better week.. Too bad you didn't see my drunken ass at the street dance, It was hillarious!! lol