can one have gastric bipass twice

on 7/6/11 12:21 pm - Espanola, Canada
I had surgery in Michigan a few years ago and lost around 120 pounds which left me still around 250 pounds over the three or so years since my surgery I have gained about 30 pounds and see all my friends and family who were obese now thin with gastric bypass. i never got thin. I feel so bad that i am such a failure even with surgery i never got to a normal BMI. Does anyone know if ohip would pay for me to have the surgery again in Canada this time
on 7/6/11 12:24 pm - Canada
There was a woman in my orientation class who was coming back after 12 years to have it done again.

I find it amazing that you lost 120 pounds that first time .. congratulations on that.

About the payment and OHIP - the Bariatric Greistry will be your best source of info for a little while until you're wel into the system.
Make good use fo the resource, I'd say.

Good luck - I'm sure you'll do at least as well this time, if you stick to the plan.
Leslie W.
on 7/6/11 12:29 pm - Cobourg, Canada
If you already had a RNY then what else could they bypass? What we have been told is to expect maybe 60-80% loss of your excess weight with some regain around the 2 year mark. Unfortunately some will never reach a normal BMI. It all depends on where you start from.  One thing I have learned is not to compare myself to others. I am still pre op but hope to get my surgery by September.

OHIP will cover revisions. You still need to go through the same process which means a referal to the Bariatric registry which is done by your MD.

Without comparing yourself to others do you feel good? A 120 lb loss is fantastic. There are many support groups around. I would suggest joining up with one of them. I find them a great support in dealing with issues and they can help you move in the right direction.
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Karen M.
on 7/6/11 12:40 pm - Mississauga, Canada
Hmmmm... not sure, other than a total revision to something else. I can gladly say that I've lost 100% of my excess weight.  Guess that doesn't answer your question though.



Ontario Recipes Forum -

on 7/6/11 1:24 pm
I would think that it would depend on if your original RNY was distal or proximal - how much of the intestine was bypassed. If relatively little of the intestine was bypassed they might be able to shorten it further, I suppose, but my impression of Ontario surgeons and OHIP is probably not. If your stoma is stretched, there is probably a procedure to reduce it, but I wouldn't call it a second RNY in that case.
on 7/6/11 2:13 pm - Canada
How about changing what you eat? Try the 5 day pouch test then get strict on portion sizes and the type of food you eat. Are you exercizing?

Sometimes the best support  you can get isn't all purple puddles and pink rainbows.

on 7/6/11 2:13 pm
They will consider a revision surgery... it is usually indicated in cir****tances where there has been less than 50% of excess weight lost at lowest weight achieved or where significant regain has occured. So this will depend on your pre-surgical BMI, lowest BMI reached and current BMI, as well as whether you have any co-morbidities related to your weight. Revisions can be done many ways and there are a few different options for you. Start by having your doc refer you to the registry and getting you assigned to an assessment centre and take it from there.
There is also the option of self-paying for a revision if OHIP doesn't go for it, but I would definitely try the OHIP route first. Good luck!
on 7/6/11 4:46 pm - toronto, Canada
hi there , I agree with Yvonne why not try the 5 day pouch and going back to basics . if you still having trouble then ask your doctor for a referal . you might also  want to get intouch with a counselor that deals with bariatric issues . sometimes it helps talking with someone

on 7/6/11 9:20 pm - Cambridge, Canada
My boyfriend's ex-wife had rny in August of 08 and in May of this year she went in to have it "fixed" (as she called it). She lost very little weight and what she did lose she regained, but I think that has more to do with the choices of what went in her mouth than a probelm with her surgery.  Medicaid paid for her again. What a waste of money.

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on 7/7/11 7:12 am - Guelph, Canada
 I know my hairdresser had it done 2X.. last one was done about 8 years ago... and both were done in the USA
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