RYN Denial???

on 8/26/11 2:31 pm
Hey all,

Another silly question I guess, but under what cir****tances will the team at TWH deny you for having WLS???
on 8/26/11 9:19 pm - Cambridge, Canada
I've seen a few reasons for denial

1) you don't meet the criteria (40BMI)
2) serious health problems that would make surgery too difficult
3) drug or alcohol addiction
4) serious and unresolved mental health issues
5) consistent refusal to "work" a pre surgery life change (usually accompanied by significant weight gain)
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on 8/26/11 11:34 pm - Canada
You can be denied for tobacco use.. most surgeons won't do surgery until you are 3-6 months smoke free.
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Leslie W.
on 8/27/11 11:22 am - Cobourg, Canada
Had my appointment with Psych this past Thursday at TWH. What he told me was that their goal was to work with the individual to ensure success rather than deny. They want people to be a success. That said you need to demonstrate that you are trying to make positive lifestyle changes.
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on 8/29/11 2:32 pm
Thanks for all the feedback!

I don't know why, but I feel like this process is to good to be true. I guess it's because I am so excited to have been given this life changing opportunity that will affect my life in such a positive way. Did any one else have the same or similar feelings or is it just me??