5 Day pouch Test Day 3......Yippy real food today

on 8/30/11 10:47 pm
Well I made it thru the liquid days fairly well, 2lbs lost first day, zero the second day.......

today I am on real food again.....soft protein.....

I am having lunch with a friend, its been planned for a couple of weeks or more, so I suggested a picnic so we can bring our food......

I have with me today for the day....2 oz of canned salmon, 4 eggs, of which 3 are made into deviled eggs with a tiny bit of mayo....for dinner I am baking talapia....

Plus I have had one protein shake for breakfast!

See you later for updates of what I have eaten of my food brought with me.....


Karen M.
on 8/30/11 10:59 pm - Mississauga, Canada
Day 3 is my favourite - crustless quiche and devilled eggs! lol

Come to think of it, I could really go for a devilled egg.  Thanks for the craving. lol



Ontario Recipes Forum - http://www.obesityhelp.com/group/ontario_recipes/

on 8/31/11 12:47 am - Canada
the first two days are the hardest.
nice to see things moving again for you.
Keep us updated on the end result.

I hate doing the pouch test/carb purge but they produce results.

on 8/31/11 4:43 am
2:40 update - eaten so far today...1 protein drink, .2 oz of canned salmon,  3 eggs made into deviled eggs with a tiny bit of mayo....

I am totally stuffed......I had the protein drink for breakfast.....I have picked at the deviled eggs over the day,  had the salmon at lunch and I am full.....

I would like to see the scale move tomorrow!!