5 day pouch test results

on 9/5/11 5:41 am

Well I have to say the liquid days were the easiest and best for me.....the other three days were harder for sure..I made it through and lost a couple of pounds....its all good, definatley got me modivated.....I know that my stomac is still stight when I eat properly...meaning no water while I eat which has been a strugle for me as I have ALWAYS had a drink with my meals.....so I am more aware .... My friend needs to loose 25 lbs and my official goal is 17 more but I would like 25-30 more so......along with my friend we are changing up our exercise routine and she is doing the south beach diet and I am doing a bariatric version of the south beach diet.....it is so similar to how we should eat .....I will keep you updated.....


Monica M.
on 9/5/11 5:50 am - Penetanguishene, Canada
good for you. Stay vigilant!!
on 9/5/11 8:54 am
It sounds like you are refocussed.  Good for you. 
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