Halloween conversation with a 1st grader

on 10/31/11 7:09 am - Canada
Student handing out treats: Would you like a chocolate bar Ms. B?

Me: No thanks.

Student: why, don't you like chocolate?  I have licorice too...

Me: No, I can't have chocolate or licorice.

Another student: Why, are you on a diet? Or are you allergic?

Me: I can't eat anything with sugar.

Student: (horrified) You're allergic to sugar???

Me: No, just not allowed to eat sugar.  It will make me not feel well.

Student: That sucks!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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on 10/31/11 7:23 am - Canada
Kids & candy...gotta love them!

My nephew knows that I dont eat candy anymore & when he goes to the variety store with my dad he always says "Nonno, we can't buy any candy for Auntie cause she'll be sick."

He feels worse than I do about it. He thinks it's such a tragedy.
on 10/31/11 7:27 am
They say it like they see it!  Snicker.

This was my conversation with Grade 9's & 10's. . . . . .as I'm handing out chocolate bars.  Thank you Mrs. T.  Can I have two?  I guess they were hungry.  Ya, gotta love em'!

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