5 months today, long with pics

on 2/26/12 8:26 pm - Canada
I really can't believe it has been five months...depending on the day it feels like the surgery was yesterday or it was years ago!  If that makes sense...

I feel great!  I love life and I feel better than I ever remember feeling as an adult.  I love walking (like I used to as a teen) and go to the track as often as I can.  We have tons of snow (and ice), so not very comfortable walking outside right now, but spring is on the way.

I was at a conference a few weeks ago with many people that I see three or four times a year.  I saw them all last in November (just over a month out).  I definitely got lots of attention and praise, but that wasn't the surprising part of my encounters.  When they asked me how I was feeling I didn't just give the stock answer, "great!"  I actually took some time (where possible) to talk to them about what it is like to live as an obese person and how that is changing for me.  I talked about everything from the pain of simple movement to those embarassing situations we all face (can't fit in the restaurant booth, for example).  I am not sure why I decided to be so open and candid, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing.  However, I was astounded at the response I got.  Some were genuinely amazed, having never thought of those challenges we face.  Others have a friend/relative that are obese and they said my comments have opened their eyes to what they are going through.  Not one single person said (or honestly even seemed to think...all responses were very genuine) that I became obese by my own actions and therefore deserve the consequences.  Some were thrilled by my progress and offered encouragement, others asked questions to go back and tell their loved ones who might want to consider surgery. 

I am not sure if I am just blessed with a bunch of open minded colleagues, or if my own insecurities have made me assume that people would be more judgemental than they are...either way, I know I taught many of them something they didn't know before about obesity and that makes me proud.

On to the numbers...

I have lost 71 pounds and 53.5 inches.  My BMI has gone from 46.6 to 34.8.  According to those numbers I wouldn't even qualify for surgery now!

I have really not struggled with post op life at all.  I can eat a wide variety of food (except corn, which I haven't even tried...mental block, knowing how little it gets digested with my old stomach, afraid to try it with the new one!)  I have to be a little careful with foods too high in fat.  I haven't tried anything with sugar, so don't know my reaction.  Plan to keep it that way! 

Vitamins have become quite routine now and I rarely miss one. 

I would really love to join a gym, but it isn't a financial option at this time.  Going to ask for money for my birthday in April, so I might use that to start saving for a years membership.  I stay in hotels a couple of times a month for business and I alway**** the gym there.

My pouch is still incredibly noisy when it comes to liquids, especially hot ones.  Sounds like a symphony at times.

My ever shrinking body is not pretty under the clothes.  I can acutally fold body parts that should not be able to fold!!!  Someone told me the other day to make sure I had a really good bra when exercising or my breasts would sag...I wasn't sure whether to reply with "too late" or "what breasts?"  The only good (or possibly bad) thing, is that I never sweat now.  Which is good in the sense that sweating is uncomfortable.  It's bad because now I no longer get any redness or rashes under my panni or breasts, so it isn't a good thing for possible plastic surgery qualification. 

My hair loss has already started to slow down, but it is quite a bit thinner than it was.  It hasn't really started to fill back in yet.

Sorry this is so long, I just know how much I love to read updates from everyone!

Here are a couple of pics.  The first one is about a month post op and the second is about four and a half months.


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on 2/26/12 8:31 pm
VSG on 12/13/12
 Good for you!  Keep up the hard work you look awesome!  
on 2/26/12 8:39 pm
Great Job Tracy!
on 2/26/12 8:45 pm - Marathon, ON, Canada
RNY on 02/02/12
Thanks for this BEAUTIFUL post. I love reading the "long" ones; it really gives a glimpse into what I have to look forward to.

Thank you for taking the time to educate your colleagues about obesity. Perhaps if we all did this, there would be less discrimination.

You are doing so wonderfully and you look amazing.

Keep up the great work!!!

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on 2/26/12 8:52 pm - Kingston, Canada
RNY on 05/25/12
You look fabulous!!
Karen W.
on 2/26/12 9:03 pm - Canada
What a great post, Tracy! Thanks for taking the time to give us your update.  What a change already, only 5 months out; you look great and it sounds like you feel as great as you look. Good job!
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Mary A.
on 2/26/12 9:08 pm
Congratulations on your amazing success! You look great and sound like you are having an extremely positive experience :)  
on 2/26/12 9:28 pm
My month buddy...lol...very happy to hear you are feeling so great and doing so well!
Good for you!
What a difference uh?  Amazing journey!!

    ~Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you really wanted!~    

on 2/26/12 9:34 pm - Canada
RNY on 02/29/12
 Thanks for the wonderful post! I loved reading it. You look amazing too! Keep up the great work! 
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on 2/26/12 9:46 pm - Cambridge, Canada
Congratulations! You are doing great.
You look fantastic!


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