Mississauga Swim & Cawfee

on 6/28/12 1:15 pm
I just wanted to say thank you the group that met tonight for the Mississauga Swim & Cawfee and a very special thank you to Karen M for organizing this meet and greet. I’m blessed to have met such wonderful people who shared so much information and experiences with me. 

It is great to be able to put faces to the fancy screen names and hear the experiences from people at different stages in their journeys. I must say that when you are just starting out on this journey meeting people on this website and then meeting them in person is a huge help. 
  You guys are great and I hope to see you all soon at the next one.

Starr Fish
on 6/28/12 1:49 pm - Toronto, Canada
I am an idiot and completely forgot about the cawfee meet up. Good grief, I hate ageing.

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Karen M.
on 7/2/12 10:46 pm - Mississauga, Canada
You're very welcome and it was great to meet you! I hope to see you later this month for another swim and cawfee evening. :)



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on 7/3/12 2:01 am
Oh definately.  Have a great day today Karen.
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