Opti day 8

on 8/8/13 12:20 am - Canada

Well I've made it this far after a very rocky start! I really thought I could not do it! The first 4 days were really rough. I had no energy, headaches and general overall malaise. (I was a little cranky too). Something happened on the 5th day. I popped out of bed like a daisy and decided to paint my deck. I did that for 2 days with more energy then I did when I ate food! I slept like a log too and woke refreshed. I'm NOT saying this has been easy, but it does get easier. Cooking for my family is an issue so I think next week they will have to prepare their own. I've lost 11 pounds in 8 days and I feel good!

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on 8/8/13 12:59 am - Peterborough, Canada

That's great.  Once you get past day 4 it seems to turn around and there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel!  Good luck-you will be on the bench in no time!


on 8/8/13 1:08 am - Ottawa, Canada
RNY on 09/19/13

It also takes  a few days for our bodies to go into ketosis - so that is the stage you are probably at.  I did the Core program from the OWMC in 2009, so had the shakes for 12 weeks.  I am hoping I will be able to do them for 3 weeks, because I had tried doing them another time and kept on gagging - will be interesting to see how it goes!



on 8/8/13 1:17 am - Arnprior, Canada

During the first few days, your body is going through withdrawal from what it's used to.  Then you get used to the new diet, it it's better.



on 8/8/13 1:53 am

Congrats . Great job so far. It was hard for me as well to cook family meals during opti. Now after surgery it does not bother me one bit because i am not hungry at all. Your almost there . Wishing you well Krista..broken heart

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