Can we talk poop? probably TMI

on 3/25/14 1:02 am

but here goes.

since i have been eating more (I am 6mos out) i have only been pooping once every couple days. before surgery i was a twice a day-er, like clockwork.

it turns out to be a massive poo, that feels like i am 'giving birth out of my butt' as someone else said.

i also notice that there are white globs in it, like almost translucent, but very noticeable in several spots. (why am i looking at my poop you ask? because i'm curious thats why!)

anyone have any idea what this is? or why? i am speculating that it's fat that has not been digested, but i have no idea if that's true lol

Tina G.
on 3/25/14 2:11 am - Peterborough, Canada
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Well from what I understand we can ask anything on here...and FYI your question sounds like something I would ask...LOL I can't give you an answer as I have not yet had surgery. Apr14th Roux en y. But I am thinking that you are right about it being fat. Good luck!

Thanks for a good laugh today!

on 3/25/14 3:17 am - Canada

Before surgery:  if it floats, it's full of fat!   lol

Now, every second day only, never paid attention to inclusions in 'it', and several times within an hour or so, then nothing for another two days....everyone is SO different!!!


on 3/25/14 2:18 am - Arnprior, Canada

Hey Dragongirl, as for the regularity of your BMs, take a look at how much you are eating now, as opposed to how much you were eating pre-WLS.  More in means more out.  If the consistancy isn't hard, then you aren't constipated.  My son is known is known to skip a day or two regularly, and then have a massive BM (for a 6 year old).  Doc says that some people are just like that.  As long as it's not hard or hard coming out (taking longer because it's bigger doesn't count) it's not constipation.

As for the white globs in it, not sure what you are eating, but it could be some fat.  I know if I have some extra fat my bms are little slimier, and there seems to be oil in the water.  Hey, I was asked about Poop, just being honest here.  You could always ask at your next appointment (clinic or GP) just to satisfy your curiosity.



on 3/25/14 2:52 am

bahahahahahahahahahahaha if only this forum had a like button!!!!

hilarious topic but I love it!!! hope you get your answer soon, keep us posted

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on 3/25/14 3:24 am

I love this question.... in fact my coffee almost came up my nose when I read the part about birth out your butt...

It's so true :-)

I was very irregular before surgery.  Now I'm 13 months post-op and am a once-a-dayer even down to the time of day.  I think it's because my intake is very consistent.

I was talking to my sister the other day about this and told her that some days it doesn't fee like a log but the entire tree.  Almost afraid that I need to start flushing as it coming out.  LOL  no really :-) 

The translucent bits is most probably fat but it can also be bits of food.. ie. popcorn, starch etc.

Have a chat with your doctor, you'll giggle about it at first but you'll get some real medical advise.


Best of luck !



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on 3/25/14 8:28 am - Canada
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I have so many poop (amongst other) issues that I can't even tell you! lol I would guess that the globs are mucus.....I will quote the Mayo Clinic below about Mucus.

Here is what I take to help...Milk Of Magnesia 1 shot around noon, 2 Sennekot at bed time, AND dolcolax x 2. I have had impaction where I had to go to the ER to get an enema...yup...was fun, lol. There have been many, MANY moments where I thought I wasn't gonna make it through...and felt violated in so many ways after a trip to the bathroom, lol 

I would say don't go longer than 2 days without going if you can help it, and if you get  abdominal pain and have not gone in a couple of days or passed gas....go to the ER..... JUST IN CASE you have a bowel obstruction....THAT can be serious.

Otherwise, constipation is a VERY common thing after RNY and it sucks


Mayo Clinic - A small amount of mucus in stool is usually nothing to worry about. Stool normally contains a small amount of mucus — a jelly-like substance that your intestines make to keep the lining of your colon moist and lubricated.


If it starts to happen all the time, or it's followed by bleeding....get your dr to check it out just to be extra safe

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Mary A.
on 3/27/14 1:55 am

I have a friend who didn't have by-pass and is super healthy and she only has a bowel movement every 3-5 days...myself luckily I am like clockwork every morning......and luckily only had a couple of small bouts with far as the white it always or just on that case check your food journal and see what it may be,

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life is AMAZING when you continue on the right path~!.  Use your surgeons gift to the fullest~!

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